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90 Minute Session: Adventure into Inner Space

Do you feel like you are so overwhelmed and burnt out and you just need some relief

Then this is the session for you!  

Sometimes we just need someone to hold a mirror up for us to see how we can quickly and easily shift things to bring more happiness, clarity and ease to our lives. Now you know I'm all about being your own best resource that's why I'm inviting you to adventure into inner space to start creating the outcomes you desire.  

What concerns can you bring to this container? 


Things we can work on together


~ feeling overwhelmed or burnt out because you're spread too thin and need to reclaim your time and help setting boundaries around what's necessary/ urgent/ important etc. 'cause, hi, life is busy and it's easy to find yourself running to breaking point AND it's def not how it has to be .   

~ feeling stuck in your career and requiring clarity around the direction you need to head into so you're working in your zone of genius and feeling fulfilled.

~ feeling lost in general like nothing is working out for me and you're deeply dissatisfied with your general quality of life so you're getting into be thinking "this can't be what my life's about, surely there's more!" 


~ dealing with general feelings of dejection or low energy and so your productivity and zest for life has really dwindled and you're tired of feeling 'meh', you want your energy back. 

Things I'm not an expert on and don't coach around

(If you're working on any of these you can still be a client of mine however, this is not my zone of genius so I won't be the best person if this is your priority): 


~ anti-racism education: I am an anti-racist and can hold space for conversation but as a white woman I'm not the best person to learn from. If you need a referral please  reach out, this is necessary work for us all.  

~ fitness, diet, health.  

~ religious growth

~ navigating divorce/ custody 

~ managing financial investment, marketing


There may be others and I will always be transparent with you if your needs are outside of my wheelhouse.




The Details

1 session of 90 mins with 1 week post session support


We dive deep into ONE area in your life that's causing the most anxiety/ discomfort/ overwhelm. We neutralize the emotions.

We get super clear on the problem that needs to be solved and then we choose the steps you can take to transform the situation. After the session I will provide you with 1 week of support via text and voice messages to make sure you really feel supported in taking the actions and managing the emotions and old habits connected to your transformation. 

When you sign up for the intensive I provide you with a sign up form that helps you get clear about which ONE thing to choose so if you're not sure which one to prioritise no worries, I got you!  

*NOTE: this intensive session is modeled on my 1:1 coaching and follows the same support structure so if you've been thinking of doing 1:1 coaching and you're not sure how it'll go this is a really good test run. If you choose to sign up for 1:1 coaching after the intensive your session will be credited (i.e. $350 off the first month of coaching). I love offering this intensive as an opportunity for you to see how you'll show up and how our relationship will work. 

If you have any questions that weren't answered here go ahead and email me. Also email if you have any other questions! I love hearing from my peeps.

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