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From Victimhood to Self-Empowerment.

This is the story of how I lead myself through an inside out transformation to live life on my terms!

With all the joy and fulfillment I can dream up. 

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Hi, I'm Clarise

I’ve always known that there was more out there but I truly didn’t believe it was available to me until I decided to try it out and see what happens. 

The Short Version: 

I have a beautiful relationship with my soulmate human and our beloved dogs - Pumpkin & Patch! 

3 businesses where I get to do work that is soul-satisfying, in my zone of genius.  

An eco-friendly home in beautiful, rural Mozambique 

Loving relationships with friends from all over the world 

A deeply fulfilling & nourishing relationship with myself. 

I am a nature lover, bookworm, amateur photographer (all nature photography on this site is my own). 

I live for adventure, learning and play.

Some of my favourite things are travel, me-time and tea!

My Story

For most of my teens and early twenties I subscribed to the idea that ‘the good life’ was only accessible to people who had had a leg up. In other words they knew someone or something I didn’t, they had money, or guidance, or some other arbitrary thing that I didn’t and couldn’t have because I didn’t  


1 - know how to work with my unique energy and gifts and I didn’t have the recognition to do my own thing (I’m a projector and I noticed quickly that shit wouldn’t work out for me when I forced it) 

2 - actually like the status quo version of ‘the good life’ and I knew going against the grain would take me ages and I needed an income. 


So all this inner conflict led to a lot of self pity and playing the victim. I just refused to accept that I was my own best resource and I had the power to change my life. So I continued down this road of convention i.e. have a steady job, live in an over-priced but nice apartment, do bourgeois things on the weekend and when it’s holiday time go all in on the rest and play cause I’m burnt out and miserable. 


And then one day I woke up to the finer truth that I could have more than this mediocrity. I COULD do great things! I became curious about what was available to me and what might be possible for me if I was willing to ditch my comfort zone. 


3 years ago I quit my job and followed my heart on an adventure that would bring me more fulfillment than I could have dreamed up. I dared to lead myself to living life on my terms.


I packed my essentials in my car and moved to a rural community in Mozambique, to live with my partner Vasco. When I left I had no idea how I'd be able to support myself financially or what I actually even wanted for myself, I just knew I wanted more and I had the resources within myself to figure it out.


It was not an easy transition! I arrived in Moz to a home with no running water or electricity and neighbours who spoke a language (Gitonga) I’d never heard of until 3 months prior. I had to deal with the fear and doubt and naysaying of my friends and family and a month after I arrived my aunt, mentor and one of my best friends passed away. I had no income and no clue how to generate an income - in our community people live mostly off the land - I had no knowledge of farming or fishing. I’d grown up in a privileged home, going to private schools never worrying about where the next meal or the hot water would come from. This was a massive shock to my system. But I was open and the community, my new family and neighbours, were beyond wonderful, they took me in, helped me navigate my new life, taught me and cared for me. I got Malaria twice within the span of 6 months and my family thought I would surely die in Mozambique but of course, that’s not the case. I learnt to relax, to actually go with the flow instead of just doing it every so often. I learnt to cherish what was truly important to me - joy, adventure, love - and I learnt to give myself permission to be imperfect. 


The more I surrendered my old sense of self, my old identity and expectations and limitations the easier it became to tap into my intuition and inner-inspirations. I started getting the most amazing ideas and brainwaves for businesses, projects and collaborations. Things that would help me make not only an income but also an impact. I glimpsed the depth and complexity of my zone of genius for the first time and I learnt to manage the fear of taking risks and putting myself out there.   


I now run 3 businesses, in collaboration with phenomenal humans! I get to live out my soul's purpose, make an impact and see how my work changes the lives of others, I live in the most beautiful place (literally paradise) with my beloved partner and our gorgeous puppies, Pumpkin and Patch.​


I am perfectly imperfect!

I have my childhood trauma, my self-doubt and shame. I've felt the rejection of choosing a life away from the status quo and the deep joy of creating life on my own terms. I have deep love within myself, resilience, self-trust, strength and a shit ton of courage. 

I know that all of these experiences have brought me closer to my true bliss.

I know I have permission to celebrate my life and myself just because I am here!


I'm truly a channel for inspiration and possibility. I've been holding space for people to grow into themselves for more years than I've kept count and I LOVE IT!

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