Custom Group Coaching

In my capacity as a teacher, community worker, educational and team coach I work very closely with teams of colleagues, parents and children and communities in building meaningful connections, harmonious co-existence and collaboration for the benefit of all. I have been engaged in this work for more than 8 years. I use my framework of Engaged Thinkers, Purposeful Creators, Compassionate Citizens™ to work with people to deeply understand their mental, emotional and physical Wellbeing.

I am open to, and regularly do, develop custom group coaching packages for teams or families who want to rise and grow together. I do have ongoing projects in all the afore mentioned areas and therefore my availability varies.

If you are interested in group coaching with me please reach out via the online enquiry form and I will get back to you.

What can we potentially cover in custom group coaching?  Go ahead and have a listen to the voice notes I've created.

Team coaching
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Family coaching
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