Overcoming Shame

Release the pain, the fear and the shame in your life so you can empower yourself to be happier, have more loving relationships and more fulfilling life experiences      

In this video I discuss:

~ how shame shows up in our life and what it does to our lovability and feelings of belonging 

~ the 3 phases of moving out of pain and fear and into more wonderful life experiences 

~ an introduction to The Generous Space - a beautiful healing tool I've developed

~ how to make an ASC of yourself when you're releasing shame. 

~ a dive into the tools you can cultivate to support you through shame and fear.

~ how to identify shame

~ why building a generous space is one of the easiest ways to fast track healing and overcoming fear.


Word/Phrase of the Year
00:00 / 45:28

In this audio I discuss:

~ What a word/ phrase of the year is. 

~ How to pick a word/ phrase

~ My past words & I have created through this practice 

~ My phrase for 2021 and the intention I have set with it.  

Deep Dive Into Shame Resilience
00:00 / 29:22

In this audio I discuss:

~ What is shame resilience

~ 5 steps to cultivating shame resilience 

~ overcoming fear.



Personal Growth

Life is an Inside Out game where you make the rules and choose the players. The question is what are the rules, who are the players and what does winning look like for you?