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Course & Program Creators

Learning Design For

Courses & Group Programs have great earning potential when they have great participation & student results.

A learning designer’s main job:
💥Student Engagement
💥Student Results

Whilst you, the expert, are focused on what your students NEED to learn,

a learning designer is focused on HOW the students will learn said info.

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Jump Start your Course / Program 


$500 for the first 2 sign ups.
*only 4 spots for June 2023

  • 4 Hour VIP Day via Zoom

  • 1 week post call support. 

If need help planning improvements for engagement & results or diversifying resources this is the offer for you. 

Whether you have an idea, a curriculum or a full course planned out, this is the perfect offer for you if you want to DIY most of the learning design & student experience but need an expert to help you plan and brainstorm.

Learning Facilitation

Course/ Program

Student Experience Expert

$60 I hour
Minimum of 4 hours per month

For duration of course/ program   

  • Focus on student engagement & results

  • Tailoring resources for students in real time 

  • Guiding next steps to make sure students are not overwhelmed/ bored

  • Connecting students to correct resources

  • Providing feedback to students on their progress 

This done-for-you offer is perfect if you want to focus on the expert info you're sharing with your students and have a specialist take care of the learning design & student experience during the course. 

**Not to be confused with a support coach** 

As a learning designer I'm trained to actively increase engagement & improve results with personalised support & resources. So think of me more as the tutor making sure the students nail the concepts shared by the lecturer than a co-coach. 

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Idea -> Complete Course

Full Service Course/ Programme Creation
Offer starts at $1800
*only 2 spots available for May 2023 I Payment Plans available

max 2-3 month project period

up to 12 modules

  • 2 Hour Kick off Call 

  • Weekly Email/ Zoom check-ins for project tracking

  • Curriculum Creation

  • Content Creation/ Review

  • Student Experience Layout

  • Platform Setup

Done-For-You or Done-With-You Course Creation.

This offer is the perfect fit for you if you have a spectacular idea,  wanna stay in your zone of genius and let a professional help you deliver it in an organised and accessible way. 

Clarise created our accredited Level 4 Early Childhood Teacher Qualification. 
I was overwhelmed by ideas and couldn't get organised until we started working together. Clarise put structure to my ideas, she created a trademark framework for our course and all the content and student resources. The team and I now have a course we're extremely proud to deliver. 

Dorette - Spilamart Training

Hi, I'm Clarise

Teacher/ Entrepreneur

I’ve been teaching for over a decade. I’ve taught everyone between 2 & 62.

I’ve delivered traditional school subjects, diploma level trainings, first aid courses, soft skill courses you name it. I’ve worked with companies & schools to create & deliver over 30 courses & workshops.

I understand learning at any age. I get the neurobiology of it AND the human element of it.

I'm excited to help you up your learning design game so your courses and programs will succeed

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