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White Rocks

Your No.1 Shift


An Inside Out Leader's Virtual Masterclass

As a visionary & change agent we know how important your work is to you and that’s why we’re creating a Masterclass that’s gonna bring you the clarity, confidence & excitement you crave to make your next big move. 

Join Us
15th Dec ‘21 |   4pmGMT

Via Zoom   |   R600 

Only 50 Spots available 

The IOL team will lead you through our signature inside out process to identify your no.1 shift. 

Whether  you want to pivot an offer​ 

Whether you just need some fresh inspiration

Whether  you are ready to expand the way you serve 

Whether you want to activate your team’s potential for bigger projects

Whether you want to create a more diverse and socially inclusive culture 

Whether you want lead the accessibility revolution in construction industry  

Its time for your impact to go viral!

We know you cannot just have massive breakthroughs on command; that’s not how the creative process works. 

You can expect:

  • An inspiring experience 

  • Personalized attention

  • A group of like-minded participants

  • Resources

We will be providing: 

  • Frameworks for more equitable and sustainable solutions 

  • Significant practices to help you become an industry leader

  • Support to achieve results

During the Masterclass you will:


  • Identify the area where you can shift 

  • Handle any objections or challenges you’re facing

Shifts That Have Amplified Our Impact 
  1. Creating our signature Inside Out Leader’s Method

  2. Crafting a one-of-a-kind offer that is customizable & scalable 

  3. Growing an activated team that can fully support all aspects of our vision

Shifts That Have Amplified Our Client's Impact 
  1. Smashing the one-size-fits-all model of education & creating a customizable framework for their students 

  2. Bringing in eco-friendly product options to serve a new niche and expanding their biz by 30%

  3. Restructuring team to activate potential & genius improving the quality & efficiency of service  

Meet The IOL Team



I have always loved turning data into valuable insights and using that to better serve customers/clients.

Ayanda .jpeg


DEI, Sustainability

& Project Management 

I’m passionate about sustainability & equity and I believe the future of biz is built on Inside Out Visions.

Tania J.jpeg




My goal is to assist clients with their workflow automation & integrations so that they devote their time to more essential tasks.



Humxns & The IOL Method

I’m a genius at activating potential, facilitating inside out quantum leaps & inspiring authentic visions.

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