~ an experiential container ~​

On the other side of doing the shit that scares you most is your FREEDOM,

your deepest sense of ALIVENESS,

your most EXILERATING sense of self

Pick the thing that both TURNS you the FUCK ON and SCARES you half to death and then CREATE it.

That's what we’re doing in Tempted

What do you want to create?

You may want to create an offer from your soul that will elevate the collective to the next fucking level but you don't believe you have what it takes quite yet, you're dealing with the self doubt or the fear but your heart WISHES you could do it and change the way people experience their businesses/ sex lives/ selves etc.


You may want to move and create a life that you've always dreamed of that breaks the confines of society but you're worried you'll go broke and fail and have to move back again and admit failure and have to start all over again.

You may want to have a relationship that has BEYOND amazing with incredible standards and right now your marriage is a drip and you're dealing with toxic co-dependence.

The premise upon which I create my life is..

If my dreams don't scare me they aren't big enough

My freedom is at the edge of my comfort zone 


I am NOT in a constant state of activation & creation & adrenaline! 

I get to do amazing scary shit and have an integrate system and experience too. 

That means it doesn't take FOREVER for me to get used to new levels of expansion because the scary things my mind and body are telling me will happen doesn't cause me to contract.

12 desires
12 visions
12 creations
12 powers
12 paths to freedom

The Details! 

6 Months | 12 humxns 

$900 p/m 

26 April - 22 October 2021

  • 2 x Calls a Month

  • 2 x 1:1 Calls over the 6 months

  • Community for support, witnessing & CELEBRATION!

In the group you'll

1. elevate your energy to the expansive experience you crave 

2. alchemise your fears, doubts, shadows, triggers & limitations.

3. create the dream desire


We'll be tapping into the collective energy of creation and witnessing and ascension as you go about creating your desire. 

I'm inviting you to

💋CREATE your most outrageous and delicious desire

💋CREATE your own Freedom

💋Be Tempted out of Fear and into Freedom

This is an Experiential Container That
🔥 asks you to DO the things you're afraid of, it’s experiential
🔥surrounds you with humxns who are ALSO playing this riskey game & can hold you in the experience
🔥helps you normalise expansion so you can be, do, have whatever the fuck you pleaseready for a dose of inspiration and a breath of fresh air (a.k.a me)

Hi! I'm Clarise

Life & Success Coach for individuals who are ready to Tempt themselves into power and lead themselves to a Freedom!

4 years ago I quit my job and followed my heart on an adventure that would bring me more fulfillment than I could have dreamed up. I dared to lead myself to living life on my terms.

I packed my essentials in my car and moved to a rural community in Mozambique, to live with my partner Vasco. When I left I had no idea how I'd be able to support myself financially or what I actually even wanted for myself, I just knew I wanted more and I had the resources within myself to figure it out.

I now run 4 businesses, (some in collaboration with phenomenal humxns!) I get to live out my soul's purpose, make an impact and see how my work changes the lives of others, I live in the most beautiful place (literally paradise) with my beloved partner and our gorgeous puppies, Pumpkin and Patch.

I am perfectly imperfect!

I have my childhood trauma, my self-doubt and fears. I've felt the rejection of choosing a life of my own. I also have deep joy within myself, resilience, self-trust, strength and shit ton of courage. 

I know that all of these experiences have brought me true bliss.

I know I have permission to celebrate my life and myself just because I am here!

I'm truly a channel for inspiration and possibility. I've been holding space for people to grow into themselves for more years than I've kept count and