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A space where you can experience:

support, gentleness, love, generosity, healing, community and empowerment

for women healing from the experience of sexual abuse  

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Free Resource Center

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Virtual Group Programme

12 Women, 12 Weeks

Opening Again March/April 2021

All we really want is to know that we belong.

That we are loved and celebrated.

That we can be here, as our whole selves, with our pain, shame & stretch marks too.

We want to feel supported and honoured.

We want to trust, have fun and spread our beautiful, delightful gifts to all we meet.

We want to be empowered women!

Instead we're dealing with... 

Generous Space Pictures.jpg
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Fear, Insecurity, Disconnection, Shame

Fear that keeps us small and makes us feel insignificant.


Shame that keeps us silent and isolated.

We doubt ourselves around every corner.

“Did it really happen? Am I crazy? Who am I to want/ say/ do this?”  

We feel disconnected and like we’re the only one who’s covered in this shameful thing and there must be something wrong with us.


We feel like we’re never good enough, like we’re unworthy of the good things in life and we should always have limited happiness because we’re less deserving than other people. Especially untainted people.

Sometimes we even allow others to cross our emotional or physical boundaries because we believe we've lost the right to stand up for ourselves. 

It's a cold, lonely, sad place to be in and there is a way out.

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I see you boo... 

I had those exact fears, feelings and shame!

I found a way to come out of it and you can too!

Hey darling,

I'm Clarise

16 years ago I came out to my mom about my sexual abuse.

I had no idea at the time what journey of healing and empowerment  I was embarking on.​

When I was 13 years old and sharing my experience all I could think was that I needed help. I needed to feel better, I wanted safety, comfort and relief. I had no idea that the layers of fear and shame that had seeped into my being would lead me on a lifelong healing journey towards emotional, mental, spiritual, personal and sexual empowerment.


Today I have a wonderful, joyful and deeply fulfilling life and it’s all thanks to the continuous commitment I make to myself, the decision I made, years ago, that I deserve MORE!

This more has continued to expand itself to include freedom, joy, connection, peace, success, pleasure, intimacy, trust, forgiveness and love. And the key to this success has really been the Generous Space I’ve created for myself. It gave me the courage, the support and self-belief to show up for myself and persevere in doing the work I needed to do.

What I’ve seen in so many women around me who have had their own sexual abuse experiences - and live with the trauma - is that they don’t have the language, the spaces or even the encouragement to delve into how it is keeping them small, holding them back from extraordinary joy and truly beautiful lives. They’re afraid of shining their lights on the world because the attention it’ll draw to them will be overwhelming and so the world misses out on the amazing things they have to offer.

It breaks my heart that you don’t believe your stories, your pain and your healing is something you have the permission to transform. So I’m creating this Generous Space for you, I want you to feel the kind of support, care and generosity that I feel every day. I want you to use the security and comfort of this space to explore what’s possible for you. I want you to opt for empowerment, expansion and more of the good things in life, I want to give you an example of what's possible if you choose to show up for yourself and go into the parts of yourself that you think you can’t share with anyone because they are too shameful and ugly. I want you to know what it feels like when someone sees those parts of you and instead of being repulsed, reaches out to embrace you. You deserve this, your loved ones deserve this and the world, the world deserves to have courageous, empowered women who can own and share their light.


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The Generous Space

A Virtual Event + Sisterhood + Resource Center

I’ve created the Generous Space for women like you and I who have experienced sexual abuse and know that they want healing so they can experience empowerment, happiness, freedom, pleasure

(basically all the things) again/ for the first time. 

Once you click on that red button you'll immediately have free access to my Generous Resources AND the option to sign up for the Virtual Event

Opening Again Mar/Apr 2021 *12 spaces available

*Make sure to check your promotions folder for your welcome email.

The Generous Space

is for you if...

*You’re a woman who has had a sexual abuse experience. 

*You’re tired of living in isolation because you’re so afraid of what this means about you.

*You’re tired of crying alone and believing that no one can hold you in your pain

*You want a place you can go to get your questions answered

*You want a place to go where you can cry or express your anger and hatred or share what’s going on for you without the fear that someone will tell you to get over it. - I mean how fucking unhelpful!

*You want your life back after this experience, 

*You want to feel safe getting dressed up and stepping outside knowing you’ll be seen and respected.  

*You want to trust people again, 

*You want to know that you can hold boundaries and that your boundaries will be respected.

*You want to learn how to ask for what you need and want. 

*You no longer want to be held back by your own fear because you can feel there is a life waiting to be lived. 

*You’re ready to step up for yourself and choose healing, support & expansion.

*You want deeper connection & acceptance with the loved ones in your life

*You want intimacy without restraint

*You want to feel alive and free and have fun again

*You want to own your story and experiences and not let them own you

*You want the experience of having other people approve of who you are despite what you have been through!

*Make sure to check your promotions folder for your welcome email.

"But Clarise, I don't know if I can do this because..."

*I don’t like showing up in a group and sharing my stories and experiences. I'm afraid of the attention and exposure...

*I'm worried I'll invest the money but nothing will change...

*I’m so afraid of showing up to this work and saying the wrong thing or not having a ‘legitimate’ trauma story. I mean people have real problems, who am I to complain?


*I’m worried about what people will think of me. This is really triggering for me... 

*I’m worried that this will open my old wounds and I’ll just be in pain all the time...

*I really don’t like talking about this it’s so uncomfortable... 

*I don’t think my fears or pain has anything to do with my abuse experience...

Yup I know! And I want you to know that this space is not a space to force you to show up as something you’re not. No one will call on you, call you out or put you on the spot. We are not getting together to compare. We are coming together to support and celebrate. Yes it’ll be uncomfortable to have a bunch of strange women cheering you on for showing up for yourself but it’ll also feel incredibly freeing and create the most wonderful sense of belonging, trust me you don’t wanna miss it.

I've created a generous space where we can safely look at your shit without making you feel like shit too! 

I hear you, I've been there and...

I'm gonna teach you how to show up for yourself without scaring yourself to death.

I want you to feel empowered to manage these trauma triggers not overwhelmed and small. 

Healing & feeling better doesn’t have to be scary and we don’t have to do it alone. 

I got you hun!

*Make sure to check your promotions folder for your welcome email.

You Want

The Details? 

12 Women, 12 Weeks 

Opening Again Mar/Apr 2021

R10 500 / $750 - Pay in Full

R3 500 / $250 - Per Month

*Scholarships available. Women who fall into these categories will have preference (BIPOC/ unemployed/ single moms)


What’s included?

12 Week Experiential Series

*12 Virtual Sessions (for the whole group) 

*A community of women coming together in sisterhood, support & solidarity 

*Extra practices to compliment each week’s work.

*Bonus Resources (that you have lifelong access to immediately)

For 12 weeks you will join other courageous sexual abuse survivors who are ready to reach for more. More joy, freedom, celebration, revival, healing, relief.

This is an opportunity for us all to experience the validation & support that can only come from a collection of women who share our experiences, emotions and fears.


The Generous Space is a PRIVATE and intimate group programme, I ensure that everyone who signs up qualifies to be part of this space i.e. they are a women who has experienced sexual abuse in some shape or form.

We will practice these 4 specific things:

Part 1 - Hold & Be Held In Generous Space 

Learning tow to open up to be supported, heard & seen. One of the hardest things we deal with as SA survivors is trusting that other people can hold our story & our pain. Let's break the ice, open up & allow others to witness us. Learn how to ask for what you want and need and give yourself the experience of being fully supported. 

Part 2 - Your Shame, Your Toxic Silence and Letting Go 

Shame - recognising where it has seeped into our lives and how we can stop having these experiences.

Toxic Silence - Breaking it and letting go of the fear that hold it in.

Uncovering the layers of pain we have and the healing we desire so we can come out of disempowerment.

Part 3 - Feeling Good Again 

You may not know how to feel good in your body, you may bea fraid to feel good or feeling good may be a trigger. Let's take some steps into feelings and sensations that make you feel alive. 

Bonus Resources


Generous Activation

Pre-work - know where you’re at, know what’s holding you back, know what’s possible for you so you can arrive in The Generous Space with some language, a deeper level of self-awareness and activated for generosity.

Generous Resources

​Immediate Free Access to Generous Resources

* My full story + BHS interviews with my mom, sister & best friend on how we’ve navigated the situation & various experiences associated with my abuse.

* Story-Teachings on ‘Body Shame’, ‘Pleasure & Play’, ‘Emotional Healing’ + activities/ practices you can do.  

* My recommended reading, podcast, practice lists.


4 Day Master Class Replay


Day 1: Permission to create a generous space

How do we create generous space? What holds us back from it (triggers & fears)? How do we move through those barriers to get the support and healing and ultimately the empowerment we crave?


Day 2: Shame & Fear

Who are you in shame? What does shame do to us? How can we come out of shame? What does shame leave behind?

Day 3: Your Story & Healing

What is toxic silence and how does it affect you? What are the layers of healing? But I’m so afraid to talk about it...  

Day 4: Feeling Good Again

What’s standing in the way of feeling good for you personally? What are the good feelings you want to experience again? Why is it so difficult to bring them back into your body? How can you let go & bring them into your body?

And finally

To know that we belong. That we are loved and celebrated. That we can be here, together, as our whole selves, with our pain, shame & stretch marks too. That we’re supported and honoured.

That we can trust, have fun and spread our beautiful, delightful gifts to all we meet. That we are empowered women.

*Make sure to check your promotions folder for your welcome email.

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